While markets remain volatile and do not care about

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When the first large wave of sick patients began showing up at hospitals in March, doctors had very little to offer them. As a result, many took a gamble on hydroxychloroquine. The drug had been shown to have strong antiviral properties in cell cultures, was widely available and was thought to be rather benign in terms of side effects.

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A Swedish study found that women who have suffered heart attacks tend to have poorer chances of recovery if they are also experiencing marital stressors such as infidelity, alcohol abuse, and a spouse’s physical or psychiatric illness. On the other hand, stress management training is a proven method for helping speed recovery follow a heart attack.What you can do to help reduce stressLearning to deal with stress effectively is a worthwhile effort, even if you already consider yourself capable of handling anything life sends your way.Many of the most common long term stressors family illness, recovery after injury, career pressures often arise without warning and simultaneously. Stress management is particularly valuable if your family has a history of hypertension and other forms of heart disease.Identify the cause.You may find that your stress arises from something that’s easy to correct.

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