This may or may not upset you

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Tons of work but loved every minute of it. I keep very busy, spending at least 50 hours a week working on website related matters. I also give hitting and pitching lessons and umpire high school games and occasionally umpire some younger levels of play.

Brandon: Alright today’s Quick Tip is very very simple. You should be following Bigger Pockets over on Instagram. We’re putting a lot of real estate stuff on there, but really follow Bigger Pockets. Whole wheat pasta retains most of the bran and germ. It a more textured and hearty pasta, with twice the fiber and iron of enriched (regular) pasta. If you not crazy about the texture and slightly nutty taste, take a baby step and mix your whole wheat pasta with traditional white pasta..

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To my ex, if you happen to stumble upon my work, letme be the first to apologize for writing this bit. This may or may not upset you. But my feeling is if I can help someone out the whole deal, then my time spent writing this was very much so worth it.

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