The final moments, Cody dribbled down the court and

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Theo Walcott also registered a goal for Arsene Wenger’s men. Arsenal remain in the hunt for a league title, but must display more consistency against the league’s top sides. For West Ham, it would be an incredible achievement to avoid relegation. Looking back 30 years Golden Age Club members used 700 pine cones to construct an eight foot wreath, a gift to members of the Knights of Columbus who allowed the Golden Age Club to meet in their hall thirty years ago. Among Golden Agers at the presentation were Director Gladys Smith, Millie Doyle, Larry Doyle, Sophie Zuchowski, Mae Anderson, Emil Anderson, Max Kortum and Lucy French.Snowmobile trails were on the town board agenda 30 years ago.With Gerald K. Youngs heading up the Chamber of Commerce, membership exceeded 100.Reg Long, 80, died on December 7, 1970.

“And they had two scoring chances. They had one at 36 seconds. And then they had the goal at 1:30. It kind of stagnated the ball for us and forced us into some tough shots. The final moments, Cody dribbled down the court and tossed up a deep shot. After it went around the rim and out, U Mary final free throws pushed the score to 56 53..

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