The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Discover Their Happy Ending

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The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Discover Their Happy Ending

It had been a conclusion we’d hoped for and expected—but that didn’t allow it to be any less satisfying whenever Hannah dumped the shady Jed Wyatt.

Needless to say Jed Wyatt brought their electric guitar towards the proposition.

The Bachelorette wrapped up with a few developments that the franchise’s more plugged-in viewers likely saw coming: Hannah chose Jed, who proposed with an acoustic ditty and a lot of indiscriminate crooning on Tuesday night. But marital bliss ended up being maybe maybe maybe not within the cards. Right after their engagement, Hannah heard bout Haley Stevens, nation artist whom claims Jed ghosted her after months of dating to ensure he could carry on the show. As Hannah later revealed, she and Jed have actually since split up.

Then when her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, took the phase, the room quickly transitioned into exactly what do simply be described as “Peak ‘Now Kiss!’ Energy.” In the long run, Hannah and Tyler got the final outcome every couple deserves: They chose to date outside of the confines of a real possibility show to check out what goes on.

As it is typical during the proposal juncture within the Bachelorette, Hannah ended up being searching pretty stressed in front of Jed and Tyler to her rendezvous. (It’s nearly as if 8 weeks is a tremendously time that is short understand somebody before getting engaged!) In reality, Hannah was therefore stressed that she was asked by a producer, “Think this can be done?” After a deep breathing, Hannah stated she had been prepared. Tyler ended up being the initial out from the automobile, meaning he was destined for a dumping—but he didn’t realize that, therefore he delivered a stellar proposal that had to own made Hannah’s task even harder. “From the minute we met you, you’ve captivated my heart,” Tyler said. Swoon! As soon as he learned he wasn’t usually the one? “It’s gonna hurt, but I’m nevertheless gonna be your biggest fan, rooting for you personally,” he assured their lady love. Double swoon!

Jed, in a move that amazed no one, utilized their big minute to break into track, strumming and droning on: “After all you wish you knew/ Who ended up being in the other side/ of all of the those restless evenings/ We always knew it is me and also you. which you’ve been through/ In those times” evidently it worked: Jed received the last flower. However the joy had been short-lived; Hannah would quickly ahead confront Jed on-camera of this reunion unique to learn why he had lied to her about his dating history. “I thought we had been getting an individual i really could share my entire life with, who had been sweet and honest and honest,” she stated. “That’s far from the truth.”

It’s striking exactly how many various flavors of underwhelming and men that are infuriating is obligated to confront this year. There is Scott A., who got delivered house when Hannah discovered during a trip to the Caribbean out he had a girlfriend back home as well; Luke Parker, whose manipulative antics earned him enemies across Bachelor Nation; and now Jed, who spent a large portion of their conversation insisting to Hannah that he never thought he and Haley Stevens were technically “dating,” even though they took multiple trips together, he introduced her to his parents, and he told her he loved her. But a whole lot worse, Jed evidently lied to Hannah concerning the whole thing, telling her initially he had not that he had ended things with Haley when in fact. “To me personally, we finished it along with her perhaps not verbally,” he said—a line that most likely gave females around the world instant migraines.

“I happened to be frightened that if we told you, you’d walk far from me personally,” Jed told Hannah. “And that is the absolute most coward thing to hear at this time, but I’m letting you know the reality, and I’m maybe maybe maybe not pleased with it.” At another point Jed paused, murmuring, “I don’t want to cry on-camera”—to which Hannah uttered the response regarding the night: “Who cares, Jed?!”

Through the entire filmed confrontation—which mimicked Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumping Becca Kufrin when it comes to shooting design, but ended up being undoubtedly less morally troublesome—viewers could hear sound through the market during the reunion. The people chimed in like A greek chorus at all of the right moments, also yelling, “Take it well!” as Hannah fiddled along with her band. But as she sat across from Chris Harrison and encountered Jed through the reunion part of the night time, the pageant that is former broke from her smiling to carefully scold the viewers for the treatment of her breakup such as the Super Bowl.

“It’s not at all something to clap about. It’s sad,” she said, before looking at Jed. “I know you’ve harme personallyd me personally. I’m maybe not wanting to harm you at this time, but it’s simply not just exactly what anyone has to begin a relationship on—lies. A husband is wanted by me. We don’t need one. And I’m actually, actually pleased with the lady that I’ve become through all this. Because i will be hella strong.”

Enter Tyler C.! From the brief moment Hannah’s runner-up took the phase, the audience and Chris Harrison had been from the side of their seats. “Let’s see just what takes place right right here,” Harrison grinned. And also as quickly while he sat down, Tyler reminded the viewers why is him this type of refreshing, delightful entry in to the Bachelorette canon. “i’ve a great deal respect for you,” he told their ex. You’ve been“ I loved watching this season and how powerful and strong. I’ve been sitting here viewing you be therefore effective and strong, and I’m simply sitting here with my buddies and simply rooting you on. I’m so proud of you.” Triple swoon!

Tyler’s respect that is utter Hannah set him aside in current months; when she told him she didn’t desire to utilize the show’s fantasy-suite date for intercourse, he had been supportive, telling her, “You need to really like and respect and honor each other’s boundaries. I might never ever press you or stress you after all; i’d like you become 100% comfortable and confident in whatever we do together.” Throughout the season that is entire Tyler ended up being regularly certainly one of Hannah’s many emotionally intelligent options—a quality that does not constantly get rewarded in this franchise, but ended up being a joy to see emerge victorious. Hannah, meanwhile, proved by herself become one of the better Bachelorettes in years, taking a stand for by by by herself whenever participants got out of line and staging one of the more interesting, in-depth conversations about faith and intercourse in Bachelor history.

“I’m actually confident in who i will be now, being by myself, and growing, and everything that is really taking I’ve discovered and the things I want in to the next relationship,” Hannah told Tyler once the finale wound down. “i would like someone become bold, and I’m bold, and I also make bold techniques. You’re an amazing man, and I’m an individual woman. I was thinking perhaps we’re able to opt for a glass or two and hang out just.”

Tyler’s response? “i might like to. Just tell me whenever. I’m there.”

And thus, like Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph final period, Hannah and Tyler C. escaped the rose-colored minefield this is the Bachelor/ette, opting up to now into the real life. It had been a closing we’d both yearned for and expected—and all things considered, it had been positively the very best of all feasible results. Therefore cheers towards the pleased couple—and to the messier antics we’re planning to witness on Bachelor in Paradise.

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