Senators had floated a similar idea earlier

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“The cook is very very rude and even told me we don’t need your business. He was giving the gentleman next to me a hard time and pumping his chest across the bar to him, and what looks like the manager. Defended the cook. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeUnited outlined their intention to appoint a of football following the sacking of Jose Mourinho in December and suggested they were close to appointing a director in late March.The aim was for the technical director to be in post before the start of the season but the role has still not been occupied and executive vice chairman Ed Woodward referred to it as the of football in the investors call last month.Woodward claimed United are reviewing and looking at the potential to evolve our structure on the football side but Solskjaer has defended the recruitment revamp he presided over with assistant Mike Phelan.”Of course, all the talks I had with the owners, with Ed Woodward and the club have been about me having a three year contract,” Solskjaer told Sky s. “We planning long term. I been given the job, and if you lose a game or two, you don wait for a call to be given assurances.Read MoreUnited looking at two signings in January transfer window”But we started out with a plan and a recruitment plan is in place.

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