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Golf courses have remained open in the state under the governor’s stay at home order.A sick hairstylist in Missouri may have exposed 91 people at a Great Clips while working with COVID 19 symptoms.Homeland Security loosens travel ban restrictions for some foreign athletes and their inner circles, including players in Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association.Tracking the spread: He was negative for the flu but positive he had COVID 19. How his case could help experts.Tale of two cities: 100 years ago, Philadelphia chose a parade over social distancing during the 1918 Spanish flu and paid a heavy priceStaying Apart, Together: USA TODAY brings a newsletter about how to cope with these trying times straight to your inbox. New York Times’ Sunday front page is list of coronavirus victimsThe New York Times has devoted Sunday’s entire front page to a long list of names of people who have died during the coronavirus pandemic.

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