Over the years, golf technology companies together

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When you take your trip this summer did you know that it’s still possible to access your Hulu account from your iPad even though you’re not in America? Even though Hulu only allows access to its database of TV shows and movies from inside the US borders, with a special download you can still watch Hulu outside The USA on iPad. Last summer when I went on a trip to Costa Rica I was disappointed to find out that I had not properly prepared and I was unable to watch TV through my Hulu account because I was trying to access the site from Costa Rica. This year however, I’m prepared.

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There are shops that don’t charge any screen fees, the price you see is exactly what you pay and it saves you a ton of cash. Some print shops charge $35+ for every screen. For example, a 3 color design would have an additional $105 added to your total cost.

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