In 2016, a slew of employees of BuzzFeed Video left

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After a working life of great success and influence, Schuller was forced to watch from retirement as much of what he built was laid to waste. In October 2010, his church, then led by his daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman, declared bankruptcy. That led to the sale of the cathedral and surrounding property to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in February 2012..

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The use of urine has been replaced by chemicals in modern processing, but one wonders how the dye was ever discovered! With most natural dyes, a kind of tea is made from the plant. Additives such as metal salts, called “mordants,” help in getting natural dye colors to bite into the fibers, but some dyes work just fine without mordant. In the case of indigo color, from woad or another source, there are more steps involved..

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