In 1963, as he stood at the foot of the Lincoln

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These past few weeks indicate that I’ll soon have plenty of company. Take the predicament of men my age at a time of 3.7 percent unemployment and add the army of people now filing unemployment claims 4.4 million in one recent week alone. It’s unclear at the moment just what federal and state government emergency programs will do for millions of self employed and gig economy workers, many already hustling in the best of times, who’ve been watching their work dry up and disappear..

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Now that the team has achieved a spin liquid state, what’s next? More experimentation is needed to see if a quantum spin liquid has been created. Future experiments will involve probing the nature of spin dynamics and correlations more directly in the spin liquid state. But the recent results, Haskel said, provide a path for realizing these elusive quantum states, one that could lead to new insights into superconductivity and quantum information sciences..

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