I will always remember you and Shelia helping me

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There is still value in ALEC’s principles, said Whisnant who describes them as Jeffersonian free market and limited government initiatives. Putting those ideas down on paper can lead to better government, he said. In fact, Whisnant said a member of the state’s prison task force recently asked him to talk to the House GOP caucus about ways to control prison spending.

“Our priority is the well being of Gator student athletes, staff and fans, and we are working toward the day when we can once again engage with those groups safely on campus. Following Governor DeSantis’ comment yesterday inviting other pro teams to participate in our state, I reached out to remind him that UF and Gainesville have world class health care facilities, an iconic football stadium, a state of the art basketball arena and a brand new baseball ballpark within two hours of cities with professional franchises. Ron DeSantis about the possibility of a displaced pro team playing at The Swamp or in some other UF facility.

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No one enjoys the possibility of spending their life with someone who is stuck in a breakup rut and unable to move on. No one wants to plan a future with someone whose maturity level is far below par. Show him that his birthday is just another day of the week to you.

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