“I travel for work already, so my dating life is

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One thing is for sure since coronavirus is quite contagious and kissing is the most efficient way of spreading it spring 2020 is not shaping up to be a good time for people using dating apps. “I travel for work already, so my dating life is already weird,” says Ashley Caldwell, who works as a consultant organizer for progressive organizations. “It’s mostly just been amusing the ways people are working around the quarantine issue.” One gentleman caller suggested that they co quarantine together.

I would have been swimming at Goleta Beach, along with several other swimmers, for the past three days. But instead we had to go to Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. It lovely there but, for me, this means I could only go swimming one day, because as a Goleta resident without a car, it takes me three times as long to get to Leadbetter Beach..

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Coffee in hand, Norsworthy lights a cigarette. She’s out of the sober living house and in a transitional housing unit a condo she shares with another trans woman on Treasure Island. She has $192 a month in food stamps, and $466 a month in general assistance.

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