I also added two new pickers to the list

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The red ruffled scarf pattern has been wildly popular, demonstrating exactly what I said about it being on the leading edge of fashion this year. Since I put it into the Ravelry database, the number of hits on this blog has exploded, which is particularly dramatic because the numbers usually fall off on the weekends. I so glad everybody likes it, and I hope I get to see some of the finished scarves one of these days..

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“I liken social distancing to chemotherapy,” he said. “I am so grateful for the healthcare professionals who have developed both. However, we do not recognize chemotherapy, or any medicine, as a panacea without risks and/or side effects. The one sport in Canada where there an age restriction cheap jerseys on playing, Morris said. Kids getting to 23, 24 years old, they age out, so they not allowed to play the following year. Those are the kids you be worried about, because whatever stage of their degree they in, they got one or two years left and, all of a sudden, those years get taken away.

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