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The reason for the request – how to justify the Members of this club – is “a gigantic transfer of money” on the private account of the Princes Czartoryski. Under the proposal they were signed by the members of the PO and the Modern. see also ruled that the Sejm will deal with motions to dismiss and Kuchciński Glinski » Asked by Iwona Arent Law and Justice MEP on the list of institutions that failed in his opinion, the OCCP Tusk pointed out, saying that no further doubts about the effectiveness of one dimension – lack of determination, even though the Office acted in accordance with the law. “But within the law seemed possible greater determination when it comes to assessing the integrity of the ad. Although the head of the OCCP had a different opinion, it was the arguments and defended the practice of his office” – he said. OCCP – he added – could go a more “hard” and prevent emissions advertising Amber Gold. B. The Prime Minister also mentioned the prosecutor’s office, reserving that time was from him – as prime minister – independent. “It’s hard to talk about the institution as a whole, but, actual prosecutors actually very disappointed,” – he said. “I’d rather not express the allegations against specific individuals” – zastrzegł.zobacz also: PM: The suggestion that the OLT was a LOT of problems – inadequate to the contemporary situation “In his view, far failed tax offices and – as noted – that went for personnel decisions . He added that the head of the Civil Aviation Authority has also been released in connection with the case. B. rated prime minister, moreover, that the ABW should be more focused on prior information and prevention and less on investigative functions. “From the point of view of the Prime Minister seemed to be particularly severe deficit and the lack of pre-emptive safety information from bad events,” – he said, stipulating that it is not a complaint at the ABW, but “a reflection of a more systemic.” He added that also proposed to consider the obligation of public media to “effectively presenting FSA decision when it comes to the list of warnings.” He noted that later turned out that the mere fact of going public through the media of such a list is not proven effective in the case of Amber Gold. “I do not exclude that my intention was not to hit the end” – he added. The president responded in this way to a question about the statement of the President of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski PAP. Kaczynski, referring to the cooperation between the president and the head of the Ministry of Defense Antoni Macierewicz stressed that he did not like the epistolary policy. He added that tensions are inevitable due to the disastrous shape of the Polish constitution. He said the need to get out of this, which requires political maturity on all sides. In mid-March, President Duda wrote to defense minister two letters, which demanded “appropriate action” ws. Staffing, among others, defense attaché US, UK and Ukraine and information about creating a command of the multinational division in Elblag, which is to coordinate the activities of multinational battalions NATO’s eastern flank. Last week, the head of the presidential press office Marek Magierowski said that the President is not satisfied with the answers the minister of defense. He announced that the National Security Bureau will send in the name of Andrew Duda invitation to Antoni Macierewicz, the president could with him “to talk in person.” The meeting took place in piątek.zobacz also cooperation Kaczynski and Macierewicz Duda: I do not like politics epistolary »Andrzej Duda after meeting with Antoni Macierewicz asked by journalists about the words Kaczynski stressed:” Experienced politicians who were involved in state affairs, all persons which also deal with matters related to the functioning of public administration, they know perfectly well that the principle is pisemność. pisemność moreover also provides transparency of public administration. ” “I think that this is also the expectation of the Polish society. So the written form is the form that is adopted to communicate on important issues,” – he added. “And is it written form or a form as today’s meeting, where there was a meeting, which, of course, be drawn up appropriate protocols, this is the way in which the public administration, the state authorities should work on any level. Not only at the level of central government , state authorities, but also at the level of local authorities. all the authorities, which carry out their public tasks “- said Andrzej Duda. As the head of Polish diplomacy in a joint press conference with Zachariewą her Thursday visit testifies to the “common determination” to develop relations. The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry also pointed to the “many similar positions” in relation to the challenges facing the EU, which – in his opinion – binding Poland and Bulgaria. “One of these challenges is brexit. I think we share the view that the existence of the United Kingdom without a contract would be a big loss for the EU, this is the worst case scenario. We therefore expect the search for acceptable solutions and decisions when it comes to relations with the United Kingdom and the way to end the membership by the State “- said Czaputowicz. The common interests between Poland and Bulgaria ws. Brexitu also said in a statement Zachariewa. “It is very important that we preserve close relations with Britain after brexicie” – stressed the head of the Bulgarian diplomacy, arguing that the country is “an important partner, a permanent member of the UN Security Council”, and a very important country from the perspective of security and development of Europe. Also he said that the best scenario would be if the brexitu not happen. “But it certainly does not depend on us,” – she added. The head of the Bulgarian diplomacy also stressed the need to preserve the rights of European citizens living in the UK. Referring to cooperation ministers of the Western Balkan countries referred to the Polish presidency in the Berlin – an initiative group of EU countries to support the European integration of the Western Balkan countries – and to the summit in July of this format, which is to be held in Poznan. “It is important, a good opportunity to share our experiences with partners in the Western Balkans” – he stressed Czaputowicz. He noted that Bulgaria plays a very important role within the EU when it comes to support for the Western Balkans, and last year played an important role in the adoption of the declaration on the future enlargement of the Union in this regionie.zobacz also “Brexit causes great anxiety.” German hospital tempted Polish nurse from the British Isles »Kapiszewski: Let the British quietly odżeglować» On the other hand Zachariewa declared in this context, that Bulgaria is very eager “together with the Polish nation to help countries and people in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.” Also expressed satisfaction with the ratification of the protocol by the NATO countries to accept the Alliance of Northern Macedonia. “We hope that already in November to welcome Macedonia as our neighbor in NATO and we can do more to solve the open issues that exist in the Western Balkans, and that this will involve a new impetus to development of relations with Macedonia North” – said Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Zachariewa with satisfaction also referred to the development of Polish-Bulgarian bilateral cooperation, including in the area of ​​trade and tourism. Czaputowicz said, however, that during the talks with Zachariewą on. Energy policy, expressed his critical stance “projects such as Nord Stream”, which – according to him – “negatively affect the functioning of the electricity and gas market in the EU, favoring one supplier.” “Our common goal should be to diversify supplies, including through the development of LNG infrastructure” – convinced the head of the Foreign Ministry. Among the topics of talks with Zachariewą also mentioned the security situation on the eastern flank of NATO and the Black Sea, the priorities of Polish membership in the UN Security Council and economic cooperation, including the offer of Polish arms industry. “We want to maintain a dialogue (…) I hope for further continuation of our intensive relations” – said the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry. Daily “Magyar Hirlap” cites on the first page under the heading “Between Friends” Szíjjártó opinion of Monday’s press conference that he began to rebuild the third pillar of the political system of the Hungarian-American relations, in addition to economic and defense. “In many political issues we have similar or identical position with the government (Donald) Trump. We patriotic policy, we present to defend our citizens to support the migration, support Christian communities in the world and an honest assessment of Israel” – sums up the words Szíjjártó daily “Magyar Nemzet”. Levente Sitkei commentator newspaper writes here that “ended the days when anyone could claim to represent the interests of Hungary.” As pointed out, “Pompeo also present an offer, the aim of which is to realize them (ie. The USA) will, and Hungary deal with it appropriately.” See also: Hungarian press: Contacts with Russia and defense among the topics visit Pompeo »Hungary: Orban promises to expand support for families» The newspaper cites the words of Pompeo, that you must not allow Russian President Vladimir Putin on the drive a wedge between NATO and friends, emphasizes, however, that by Hungary Szíjjártó cooperation with Russia and China does not threaten Budapest’s alliance with Washington and NATO. “Magyar Hirlap” writes the regard to the words Pompeo of the urgent need to support Ukraine in its quest for sovereignty and territorial integrity of that Szíjjártó said: “For us it is very important 150 thousand. Hungarians in Transcarpathia, and we can not see (the issue of Ukraine) as a matter of geopolitical “. Hungary, among others block meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the highest level because of the new law on education in Ukraine. Budapest says that it strikes the right of the Hungarian minority in Ukrainian Transcarpathia, because it restricts the right to education in their mother tongue. With reference to the announcement Pompeo, that Hungary will buy weapons from the United States, “Magyar Nemzet” writes that advanced talks to buy US missile air defense system of the average range. According to the left-wing daily “Népszava” may be a Norwegian-owned Kongsberg American system. “Népszava” he writes in this context of “gestures (Hungary) at the United States.” “The government is trying to gas purchases of American weapons and appease the administration Trump, who criticizes his (ie. The Hungarian Government) foreign policy” – reads. The newspaper stresses that Pompeo did not speak at the press conference about the situation of Hungarian democracy. “Mike Pompeo said, however, that the (US) in the entire region will support the independence of the press and local media” – writes the daily. Press stresses that Pompeo was the first US Secretary of State visiting Hungary since 2011, when he flew to Budapest Hillary Clinton. If Russia continues to hide Iran, the United States and our partners will have to take action on their own. If you do not take action in the Council, we must take its own actions – said during a visit to the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. He did not specify what kind of action would be. Reuters notes that a Russian veto in the UN Security Council was a failure for the United States, which lobbied for months that Iran was held responsible by the UN. Washington also threatened to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with world powers Tehran from 2015 if not repaired “catastrophic errors” of the agreement. “Of course, this vote (the UNSC) decides on the nuclear agreement, but I can say that it does not help” – Haley admitted. “It was confirmed much of what we thought that Iran gets permission for his dangerous and illegal behavior,” – she added. In January, US President Donald Trump warned his European allies that by mid-May must commit to cooperate with Washington in order to improve the agreement of 2015. Unsuccessful – according to Reuters – resolution on Iran United Kingdom prepared in consultation with the United States and France. Draft had contain a condemnation of Iran for violation of the arms embargo on traffic Huť and commitment UNSC to take action in this case. Draft resolution received 11 votes in favor, Bolivia and Russia voted against, while China and Kazakhstan abstained. To adopt a resolution of 15 members of the UN Security Council is needed nine votes, in the absence of any objection on the part of all five permanent members of this body, and therefore Russia, China, USA, UK and France. (PAP) All German citizens, including those who are suspected of belonging to the IS i need someone to do my homework online, have a fundamental right to stay in Germany – the Interior Ministry spokesman said at a press conference. German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that Germany is conducting intensive consultations with the US and Britain and France on EU citizens included in Syria. President Trump asked on Twitter on Sunday to the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European allies received more than 800 fighters of the Islamic State (IS) included in Syria and that erected them before the court. The leader of the US warned that otherwise the US soldiers will have their wypuścić.zobacz also next caliphate. ISIS is transferred to the Philippines »The head of German diplomacy, however, Heiko Maas said on Monday on the sidelines of the meeting of the EU Council. Foreign Affairs in Brussels that Trump’s request will be difficult to implement. “It’s not as simple as imagining it myself in America. Legal status is that German citizens have the right to return to Germany. At the moment the possibility of checking whether there are in fact German citizens are small” – reserved Maas pointing to the lack of German consular access to the detained militants. According to the data of the German counterintelligence (BfV) shows that from 2012 on jihad to Syria and Iraq emigrated from Germany about 1050 people. Created by the terrorist group Salafist Caliphate attracted young – so the German service define the growing power of the Rhine environment Islamic radicals refer to “pure science” of Muhammad. They declare their desire to overthrow the constitutional order in Niemczech.zobacz also the Islamic State, the export version of “How do you evaluate the service about 150 jihadists were killed, and the third returned to Germany. Most of the remains at large. Only in individual cases goes to former militants sentenced to imprisonment for membership and terrorist activities abroad. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA – Polish counterpart CBŚP) considers returning jihadists – due to the radicalization of, and experience in the fight – the real threat to national security.

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