He earned three critical first downs on that game

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said last week hair salons and barbers would be in phase two of New York’s reopening plan. The earliest phase two would kick in is May 29 and that’s only if the spread of Covid 19, hospitalizations and deaths don’t dramatically increase in Central New York in the next few days..

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On the offensive side, Memphis played its first game since Darrell Henderson and Tony Pollard were drafted by NFL teams, but a new playmaker seems to have emerged in the form of freshman tailback Kenneth Gainwell. A native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, Gainwell lived up to his name with 77 yards rushing and 41 receiving (on six catches). He earned three critical first downs on that game ending drive including a shovel pass taken on fourth and two from White near midfield with just under three minutes left on the clock..

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