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One in five married women, having or contemplating an affair say they’re intending to ask their spouse for an open relationship after lockdown, according to recent research.The study, carried out by married dating website Ashley Madison, reveals almost two thirds of their female members have pursued affairs during lockdown compared to only 44% of men as a way to ease the stress of being cooped up at home.Such was their need to get away from their partner, women proved themselves 68% more likely than men to break social distancing restrictions with an affair partner. Nearly half of them went to meet them despite the fact this was breaking the law, compared to a quarter of men.When it comes to having some ‘me’ time, lockdown has proved cover samsung j6 plus 2018 marmo a catalyst that could change the affairs landscape moving forward. Pre pandemic research suggests the most important aspect of an affair, for men and women, was sex. Since COVID 19 however, the importance of an emotional connection has also increased for both.So much so that 35 percent of people on the Ashley Madison site say the person they’re most looking forward to meeting with is their affair partner once lockdown restrictions are eased, more than they want to see family cover samsung a 5 ebay or close friends.Christoph Kraemer, Ashley Madison spokesperson for Europe, comments, ‘Clearly, the note 8 cover samsung mobile experience of being together 24/7 with your partner has had an impact on many relationships. Many people have realised that it is illusory to expect that one person can satisfy you 100% both emotionally and physically. In the coming months we will certainly see more people looking for an affair or trying out new relationship models, such as an open marriage, in order to satisfy their emotional and sexual needs.’Psychotherapist and relationship expert Lucy Beresford further elaborates: custodia cover samsung note 8 ‘Lockdown forced us all to look inwards, and gave us the opportunity to examine closely our intimate relationships.’This survey from Ashley Madison clearly shows that in the intensity of lockdown, relationship dissatisfaction has led many people to take concrete action, such as meeting up with an affair partner, or planning for a different future by asking an existing partner for an open relationship. And with all that time spent cooped up with a partner, it seems that in wanting to get their intimate needs met, people are now increasingly prioritising an emotional connection.”Subscribe to Red now to get the magazine delivered to your door. Red’s latest issue is out now and available for purchase online and via Readly or custodia cover iphone x xs Apple News+. Unique in its care, coily hair is very delicate. Susceptible to dryness, it must be moisturised often to avoid the risk of breakage, while ever changing hairstyles that tightly tuck away every strand of hair can cause underlying problems. As a result, it’s very easy to neglect your scalp, resulting in flakiness and itchy parched patches to name a few issues. In many cases, common scalp conditions are long term, so learning how to treat them without damaging or drying out afro hair is crucial to maintaining its health. “Moving from one hairstyle to another will only exacerbate the problem,” says Enitan Agidee, hair coach at Healthy Hair Studio. “Sometimes we know our hair is too tight. Pain is a signal that something is wrong.”The first step to treating traction alopecia is pretty simple, continues Enitan. “Stop doing whatever has caused it (such as wearing a tight hairstyle) and your hair could start to grow back in about eight weeks. Otherwise, traction alopecia can become permanent.” To stimulate hair growth, there are many holistic and non holistic topical products to choose from. “The holistic approach might be slower than the non holistic approach,” says Enitan, “but practising both could widen the hair follicles to generate more hair strands.” Try pumpkin seed oil or Enitan’s deep follicle growth treatment applied directly to the scalp and thinning areas. cover samsung a5 2017 prezzi Be sure to not massage an already delicate area aggressively; cover samsung a8 amazon gentle technique is key here. “Most people have malassezia on the scalp, but some have an adverse reaction to it, particularly when it is combined with our sebum (scalp oils),” says trichologist Stephanie samsung s5 custodia originale Sey. samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 custodia This reaction can lead to irritation, causing your cells to turnover faster and produce buildup in the form of flakes, which are more noticeable when you part your hair. It is a common misconception that oiling the scalp helps. In fact, it could worsen the condition. “The oils only mask dryness but do not actually moisturise the scalp,” says Stephanie. The best way to remove any buildup is through washing with cover samsung galaxy tab 10.1 an anti fungal product that is kind to afro hair and eradicates flakes without drying out hair strands. Look for a shampoo that either contains ingredients like ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, or piroctone olamine. Dandruff caused by malassezia can be resistant, so experiment until you find a shampoo that works. To combat the drying nature of any products you use, Stephanie recommends going in with a moisturising shampoo for your hair strands afterwards. Try Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Retention Shampoo, 10.99. “Common symptoms are a flaky scalp, particularly around the hairline,” says trichologist Ebuni Ajiduah. “The condition can vary in severity and has the tendency to flare up in cold weather, stressful times and when the immune system is weak.” You might find that your scalp feels inflamed, sore and produces oily white or yellow flakes that lift easily. Over the counter shampoo products should include ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione or selenium sulphide. Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo, 6.05, is the most popular shampoo for this sort of treatment. Use these shampoos as a scalp treatment before following up with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to protect the hair. While applying oils post shampoo is usually a no no, applying a light oil immediately before washing can help to loosen and lift flakes, which makes shampooing much easier. Ebuni recommends using cade oil (extracted from juniper berries) for its soothing properties. It cover samsung s8 leathlux is also antiseptic, antimicrobial and has anti fungal properties. “Psoriasis is linked to the immune system,” says trichologist Jane Mayhead. “It arises because custodia a20e samsung your immune system has told it to. The scales are adhered to the scalp so they won’t flake as much, but you will notice big plaques.”You may find it hard to tell between seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, but there are some markers of difference. As Jane explains, “With seborrheic dermatitis, you may develop the condition in other areas where you have custodia samsung s3 i9300 sebaceous cover samsung galaxy s6 edge activity, such as your eyebrows or your groin, wherever there is hair. With psoriasis, you may get it anywhere: your back, your elbows or even your knees. But not every person experiences this in areas other than the scalp.”Psoriasis can be particularly challenging for Black women to treat. “Thick, coarse, curly hair provides a real barrier to creams and lotions for the scalp, alongside wearing hair extensions or weaves,” says Jane. But while there is no ‘cure’ for psoriasis, treatments available on the NHS provide hope for severe conditions. Jane suggests UV therapy (otherwise known as Phototherapy) or the Adalimumab injection, which reduces inflammation by acting on your immune system, to see excellent results. Psoriasis shampoos often also contain salicylic acid, a BHA or beta hydroxy acid, which exfoliates skin gently. Increasing your level of vitamin D could be helpful too, according to dermatology studies. Visit your GP or a pharmacist for advice before adding any supplements to your diet. Like what you see How about some more R29 goodness, right hereIs Apple Cider Vinegar Safe To Use On My Scalp5 Afro Hair Myths Pros Want You To Stop BelievingThe Best Shampoos For Treating Scalp AcneRefinery 29 UKRefinery29 LovesWhat To See Shop This WeekWelcome to Refinery29 Loves, our weekly bulletin where you find the best things to shop and see in fashion right now. This week, brand new to iPlayer, comes Australian drama The Secrets She Keeps. She’s ridiculously beautiful. She has a handsome sports journalist cover samsung s4 con scritte husband and two blonde children. Played by Laura Carmichael of Downton Abbey fame, ‘Agi’ is also eight months and three weeks pregnant. However, she’s got a very different life to Meghan. Living alone in a dirty flat, Agi works in a rundown supermarket with a nasty piece of work for a boss. Obsession, jealousy, mental health problems, gaslighting the whole lot. But there’s a reason why books like Woman in the Window, Gone Girl, Before I Go To Sleep, Girl on the Train and the rest do so well. They play on the fact that women have been pitted against other women since the dawn of time. To be jealous of another woman for having what you don’t is as familiar a feeling as tiredness. Every woman has experienced comparison fatigue at some point in their lives and social media has only made it worse. And so, books (and their subsequent film and TV adaptations) that show cracks in the lives of ‘perfect’ women are delicious in the same way that watching a celebrity fall from grace is. There’s twists you won’t see coming, it weaves in themes of motherhood and pregnancy and there are parts that are tense enough to have you shouting at your TV. And, as a result, some recent telly offerings have come with the metaphorical sound of the cover samsung s8 plus trasparente barrel being scraped. But The Secrets She Keeps doesn’t feel like that. Sure, it’s not bringing anything groundbreaking to custodia cover huawei y5 2018 your viewing schedule but, if you’re a fan of this genre, it feels like a neat little escapist treat that you’re being gifted for observing lockdown so well. It’s like cover samsung s7 rosa opaco one of those Galaxy adverts where women plan a delicious night in with a single square of chocolate and a self satisfied smile. Except your delicious night in won’t consist of something you’ll eat in two seconds; instead, you’ve got six hours of non taxing psychological thriller to enjoy. But, unless you doing banana bread, rarely is it simple. Without a capable guide, cakes can overflow their tin, cheesecakes can burn, muffins can taste overwhelmingly of baking soda, and cookies easily spread and form one giant, chocolate studded sheet. (Though that last one is only a disaster if you were planning on sharing). This is why it so handy to have books like Edd Kimber on your kitchen shelf. Known as The Boy Who Bakes on Instagram, his new book One Tin Bakes sets you up for success. His clear guidelines and exciting recipes make light work for even the most novice of bakers. And, even better, there the fact that every one of the book 70 recipes only needs one tin: that means more variety, less washing up. Sorted. There is already magic in a traybake if you do it right, but Edd opens up the possibilities to cheesecakes, pies, cookies, cakes. Ahead we shared just some of our favourites: from the cover samsung s6 strass burn proof burnt basque cheesecake to tahini chocolate chip cookie bars, these one tin bakes show that anything is possible with a good oven, a good recipe and the obligatory tin. Like what you see How about some cover samsung gt 19070 more R29 goodness, right hereBaking Recipes For When You samsung galaxy s10 hoesje Run Out Of YeastEvery Person I Know Is Baking Banana BreadChefs Share Their Favourite No Cook Recipes..

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