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Picchi, defender of the defenders Swiss was without knowing it the matrix of a job led to become the standard for more than thirty years. But if the libero has Karl Rappan as his biological father, his legal guardian remains Helenio Herrera. In 1960, the Franco Argentinian left the bench of FC Barcelona for Inter. The son of Spanish anarchists who fled to Argentina and then to Morocco and was raised in Paris, Herrera clashes corset football in Italy. revolutionized soccer to bring it into samsung x cover 4 custodia the modern world, dares Tarcisio Burgnich, an iconic stopper from Inter in the 1960s. Even today, some coaches are less advanced than him. Everyone is surprised by the methods of Mourinho and others, but he already applied them in the 1960s. In 1962, Mago takes another hat trick with a new 1 4 3 2 where Armando Picchi takes his place as libero. custodia silicone samsung s7 edge Because since the end of the 1950s, Rappan unhooked defender has finally responded to a name; a surname born from the pen of Giovanni Brera, director of the Gazzetta dello Sport and former anti fascist activist, after a historic spanking of Juve against AC Milan (7 1): overcome the shortcomings of the WM, the central stopper must be accompanied by another defender free from any marking task , writes Brera. Libero means in Dante language. But in its Italian acceptance, the freedom of the libero is an illusion. didn go up at all, resumes Burgnich. I remember Herrera speeches well: are a defender. Your goal is not to score opponents. No mistakes. You are attacking. Your goal is to get it to the bottom. Picchi was the defender of the defenders.

In retrospect, Picchi choice is an enigma. How could a fiery, but technically vulgar side have become the boss of the most legendary defense in the history of this game At the height of his little meter seventy, the Tuscan is at first fast enough to fill the gaps in the Burgnich Guarneri line. But beyond its intrinsic qualities, it embodies what Italians like to call a coach . And this Inter needs it, if we are to believe the legend that Herrera vision problems prevented her from helping her team during the match. From 1962 to 1967, the Milanese conceded custodia samsung galaxi s3 neo only 0.77 goals per game, and scored 1.98. Catenaccio for some, pure direct football for others: this vision of the game divides Italy. Gianni Rivera publicly expresses custodia samsung s7 silicone his doubts about the usefulness of the libero. Italian coach Edmondo Fabbri takes custodia x samsung tab 3 sides with the captain of AC Milan. Consequence: Guarneri, Facchetti and Burgnich flew to the English World Cup in 1966, but not Picchi. The Italians opt for midfield control, but return under the tomatoes after the North Korean humiliation. The first major libero died of a massive spine tumor on May 26, 1971, at the age of 35, when he became the coach of Juventus.

the German bring his ass up front, I didn pay a million dollars for a guy who prowls behind. Steve Ross, president of the New York Cosmos, who refuses to have Beckenbauer play libero

Before his death, Picchi had time to see a West German heir, , breaking the chains that have always hampered his fellow men. general opinion is that I invented the libero , suggests the interested party. False. The Kaiser did not invent the station, he reinvented it. And probably mythified. Beckenbauer was not born a Libero, he decided to become one. In 1968. the beginning, I was a conventional environment, he dares in his autobiography. And then I started looking at Facchetti, the untenable left side of Inter, and it gave custodia verticale samsung s7 me the spirit of adventure. Facchetti was brilliant, but as a side, he was limited by space. As a central defender, I could go anywhere. Because he has the technique and the vision, Kaiser Franz diverts the post from its original function. was the first to take advantage of his freedom of libero, summarizes Swiss coach Daniel Jeandupeux. He analyzed and intervened in the offensive game of his team according to his intuitions which were almost always brilliant. But this freedom APPLE Custodia in silicone per iPhone 11 Pro Max – Rosa sabbia passes through the enslavement of those around him: Hans Georg Schwarzenbeck at Bayern and Berti Vogts in selection, ready to follow their attacker everywhere if he goes to the puppies , as Herrera intimated to his defenders. A caricature game custodia a70 samsung originale according to ngel Cappa, who places the libero on the dock: “Before, the teams practiced man to man tagging, and therefore the libero was the only player left free by such a method. was already playing without libero in 1978 , reminds Cappa. In Europe, the new breath comes from the Netherlands, and more precisely from the brain of Rinus Michels, Ajax coach and father of total football. A foundation stone in the garden of individual marking as it was conceived at the time. Beckenbauer senses that his enchanted parenthesis is coming to an end: “The teams have started to switch from individual marking to zone marking. And now the libero must also take care of a player, and is not as free as before. After three C1s and a World Cup, the Kaiser installs his throne at the New York Cosmos, where its president, Steve Ross, asks coach Eddie Firmani the German bring his ass up front , because he pay a million dollars for a guy who CUSTODIA APPLE IN SILICONE PER IPHONE XS MAX – VERDE PACIFICO prowls behind . Beckenbauer refuses and ends his career as a man and free defender. But the Kaiser was convinced of this before his American exile, the libero is now a threatened species, especially outside the Italian borders.

the libero is dead, for the Ragazze Custodia 3D Rainbow Cloud morbido Silicone Custodie iPhone good custodia samsung galaxy j56 of all of us. I thank the evolution of football for that. ngel Cappa, hater

When the Swiss Daniel Jeandupeux took control of Toulouse in 1983, he dared the whole area and put the libero in the closet. were the first French team to evolve without , he reminds. Boldness pays off, TFC has one of the best seasons in its history (fifth). Not without a few moments of floating at the start: “With a zone defense without libero, you will end up with a two on one. I remember Christian Lopez, who custodia portafoglio samsung a5 had been the libero of Saint Etienne, yelling to his teammates: not take it in pairs, do not take it in pairs! But our opponents were even more taken aback, they weren used to being followed everywhere on Custodia rigida per iPhone 8 Plus acquistare online – MANOR the field.

Baresi, defense Maradona the early 1990s, the proponents of the area finally prevailed over the supporters of individual marking. Even Italy turns its back on the principles dear to Herrera. The conversion is not a snap of the fingers. Because if international football has its tactical history, tactics in Italian football have its own history. At the 1982 world championship, Italy’s Bearzot started with the idea of playing in the “mixed zone”: a defense in individual scoring, Gaetano Scirea in elegant libero, and a formation that defends in the zone on the rest of the battlefield. In the championship, it was the Swedish Nils Liedholm, a foreigner, who first imposed the zone. After winning custodia samsung galaxy note 10.1 gt n8000 the tenth Milan Scudetto in 1979 with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Silicone Cover RED – Mobile Case young Franco Baresi in a magnificent libero, he innovated when he took command of the Roma in August 1979. have three years ahead of me, a good cycle, and we going to start playing in the zone, with the double libero, he announces then. In 1958, Brazil won the world championship with two liberos and seduced the whole planet. We will try in our little world. In football, inventing new things means going back to ancient tactical modes If, at first, the zone and the libero coexist, the title of 1983 is the first of the zone. Rather than admitting his death, we even prefer to speak of libero .

May 1987, Silvio Berlusconi installs a stranger landed in Parma on the bench of his Milan. Arrigo Sacchi accelerates the revolution started by Liedholm: “In Italy, we think that football is a specialty sport, always individual. It’s impossible, there are eleven people playing together. The scorers have to press, the midfielders have to defend, the defenders have to go up, and the libero has to cease to exist. Franco Baresi is still there, but now plays at the midfield line. Each player is left with an area to cover, and no longer an opponent to score: wanted eleven players to play as if they were one. Only in this way do we multiply the capacities of each. Between his defenders and custodia telefono samsung j5 2017 his attackers, Sacchi demands a maximum distance of twenty five meters. Consequently, the libero is no longer free, he is attached to others.

Neuer, the heir

Until the start of the new millennium, Germany still resisted the inevitable disappearance of the libero and continued to retrain its tired legged playmakers. back as a libero was a natural process for an aging player. To evolve in midfield, you need energy, and when you turn 35, you don necessarily have it anymore , pleads the pre retired Lothar Matthus. Number 10 of the defunct GDR, Matthias Sammer becomes the last big 5 of a reunified Germany which he leads to the title at Euro 1996, and pocketing the Golden Ball. An anachronism custodia per samsung galaxy tab e 96 cover con funzione di supporto already at the time, both Cover iPhone 6 PlusDolce & Gabbana in Pelle di colore Rosso – Lyst zone defense (with one axial to the right and the other to the left) has become the universal norm. the libero is dead, for the good of all of us. I thank the evolution of football for that , ngel Cappa rejoices.

overcome the shortcomings of the WM, the central stopper must be accompanied by another defender free from any marking task. Giovanni Brera, director of Gazzetta dello Sport and inventor of the term

Dead, not completely: his ghost sometimes resurfaces as a Pique from the good years or a Thiago Silva from the good days. These which defend standing, raise clean and allow themselves occasionally a ball toe kick. In a three way defense, the man in the middle takes on some of the duties of the libero. “At Juve, samsung silicone custodia protettiva in silicone per galaxy s8 there was Bonucci who played very differently from the other central, notes Burgnich. But libero 2.0 may have migrated elsewhere. He lives in a cage, wears gloves and a distinctive jersey. The goalkeeper would have become the defender of today or tomorrow. The idea was more concept than reality custodia con tastiera samsung tab a 6 before a certain Germany Algeria in Brazil in 2014. During this eighth finals of the World Cup, the Mannschaft evolves very high and leaves the management of the depth to its doorman. Manuel Neuer touches twenty one balls outside of his box…

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