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+1. The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back. United States capitalism system was already on the verge of a major recession before COVID 19 hit. upper cover samsung 9+ 1 percent had more wealth than cover iphone 6 prezzo the nation’s bottom percent), tens of millions living just one inadequate paycheck away from being unable to meet basic living expenses , and more. If the virus hadn’t broken that camel’s back, something else would have done the job, albeit with a less devastating impact than an epic pandemic.

+2. Pathogenic Growth Addiction. Thanks to its relentless compulsion to sustain its rate of profit with quantitative expansion and accumulation (“growth”), contemporary jet , Internet ,and satellite age capitalism stirs up “zoontic” agro industrial pathogens and spreads them around the planet in a flick of the historical light switch.

+3. No Profit in Proper Public Health Protection. Given the lethal pathogen stirring and pathogen spreading nature of 21st Century global capitalism, public health experts and epidemiologists have been warning for years about the coming of the next planetary pandemic and the need to prepare for it. A critical problem here is capitalism’s inadequate time scale: there’s no short term profit in storing up unused hospital beds, PPE, respirators, ventilators, and medicine. The American for profit medical industrial complex has been cutting back beds, space, and medical services in the neoliberal name of “streamlining” for decades. It has been woefully under prepared for the foretold crisis. No surprise: capitalism is about short term profits, not long term planning for the common good.

+4. Wage Slavery and Expendable People. Capitalism throws millions out of jobs when cover samsung sm t555 it is no longer profitable to employ them. A vast swath of the populace is seen as disposable by capital when profits collapse. At the same time, when profits are damaged by the removal of too many people from workplaces and consumption zones (shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, sports stadiums, theaters, hotels, airports, etc.) to stem a pandemic, capital shows its understanding of working class people as expendable by pushing for a premature “re opening of the economy.” Either way, capital’s coronavirus calculation is this: what is the right number and flip cover samsung note 10 plus percentage of the population that should die or face serious respiratory decline for profits to stay afloat Too many deaths ASH GRENINJA POKEMON custodia cover iPhone8 are a problem for capitalism but so are too few deaths! We should make no mistake: a rapid re opening will kill masses of American workers: As Mike Davis writes at Labor Notes:

“Sending millions of people back to work without protection or testing would be a death sentence for thousands. Thirty four million workers are over 55; 10 million of them over 65. Millions more suffer from diabetes, chronic respiratory problems, and so on. Straight from home to work to ICU to morgueMillions of our ‘essential workers’ face intolerable hazards because of the shortage of protective equipment. It will be weeks, at best, before there will be an adequate supply for medical workers. Workers in warehouses, markets, and fast food have no guarantee of ever receiving masks, unless legislation harry potter cover samsung s3 compels it. If this is a war, Trump’s refusal to use existing laws to federalize the manufacture of masks and ventilators is a war crime” (emphasis added).

+5. Inability to Pause Without a Massive Bailout of the Already Rich. Capitalism is so addicted to constant profit boosting accumulation that it can’t pause its cancerous and eco cidal “growth” attachment in the name of public health with requiring giant taxpayer bailouts for its wealthy investor class’s giant corporations and financial institutions this while offering a relative pittance to the working, lower, and middle class majority.

+6. Failure to Properly Allocate Labor cover samsung galaxi j6 for the Common Good. employees have lost their jobs and filed for unemployment benefits during the month before April 15. This is absurd. We the people, the public, will now pay a portion of the wages and salaries their employers no longer do. The unemployed would be far better off if they all got socially useful jobs as well as most of their former paychecks. The government could be such cover per tutti i cellulari an employer of last resort: when private capitalists either cannot or will not hire because to do so is not profitable for themBut capitalists almost always oppose public jobs. They fear the competition with private capitalists that state employment might entail. capitalism by giving major airlines some $25 billion to pay most of the wages and salaries of roughly 700,000 airline employees for the next six months. This is capitalist absurdity squared. Most of those employees will collect their paychecks but do no airline work because flying will remain too risky for too many over the next six months. One might expect airline employees to be required to do some sort of public service in return for their government paycheck. They might prepare safe workplaces to then produce the tests, masks, ventilators, gloves, etc., needed these days. They might be trained to test; to clean and disinfect workplaces, stores and athletic arenas; to teach using one on one social media tutorials; and so cover iphone indistruttibile on. But no, in capitalist countries (with rare exceptions), private capitalists do not want and thus governments do not pass laws mandating that public sector jobs be required of the unemployed in exchange for their pay. Society loses, but capitalists are mollified.”

+7. Austerity. In its relentless quest to force down the broad social wage and the bargaining power of the working class, capital exerts regular downward pressure on the governmental social safety net.

+8. In the arch capitalist United States, bourgeois power is so extreme as to have prevented the elementarily humanistic introduction of universal national health insurance. workers put not only their jobs but their families’ health care at risk by doing or saying anything their bosses don’t like. When thrown out of employment, workers are often removed from the insurance rolls no small problem in the middle of a public health crisis!

+9. Anarchic Market Competition, Price Gouging, and the Pandemic as a Medical Profit Opportunity. states, counties, and local governments perversely bidding against each other for scarce medical supplies states amidst an epic pandemic. The giant cover samsung s5 divertenti medical need and public desperation created by the capitalogenic coronavirus crisis is a profit opportunity for medical corporations and enterprises, some more credible and legitimate than others. president himself owns shares in a company whose malaria drug he is absurdly recommending cover samsung 6 plus as a cure for COVID 19 against the warnings of his own public health officials and medical science.) At the same time, the nation’s reigning, mafia like for profit health insurance corporations/syndicate are cashing in handsomely from the suspension of surgeries and other medical services and procedures during the COVID 19 crisis.

+10. Fiscal Crises of the State(s). Capitalism hitches the fiscal social democratic and public health capacities to the functioning of the privately owned, for profit economy. When that economy tanks, so do public revenues and hence the ability of government to protect people against poverty, pollution, pestilence, and other plagues of the profits system. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is telling to declare bankruptcy will become insolvent without massive federal aid.)

+11. Monopolization. As in every major capitalist recession and depression, the COVID 19 meltdown is wiping out a vast swath of mediumand smaller sized businesses and helping big firms swallow up and displace their slighter competition. With shelter in place, COVID 19 is a boon for the absurdly under taxed Internet e commerce hegemon Amazon. According to CNN, “Analysts expect that the company will report a more than 20% increase in sales to a whopping $73 billion” at the end of April. As CNBC reports:

“Under orders to stay home, millions of Americans have turned to online marketplaces like Amazon to order much needed essentials like toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer and cold medicine. In lieu of neighborhood supermarkets, consumers are relying on online grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh, resulting in a cascade of delays and out of stock notices amid the unexpected rise in demand. Amazon has hired more than 100,000 new warehouse and delivery workers since March to help manage the surge in orders, and it’s planning to bring on 75,000 more workersThe unprecedented demand has propelled shares of Amazon to fresh highs. The stock hit an all time high on April 16 and is up more than 28% for the year, compared with an 11% decline for the S 500. Investors have flocked to Amazon and other stay at home stocks like Netflix and Zoom in recent months, as consumers have come to depend on their services amid the lockdown. The outlook is brighter than ever for Amazon. But its ascent is occurring against a worrying backdrop of cover iphone 5c unicorno financial turmoil in the retail industry and the broader economy. have closed stores and furloughed thousands of employees. Smaller or non essential businesses have also shut their doors and are hoping they’ll be able to stay afloat long enough to reopen. ”

+12. Complex Global Supply Chains. and global capital have created vast and complex and competing firm specific global supply chains that have been badly disturbed by the COVID 19 crisis. For many firms without the resources of an Amazon or a Wal Mart the damage is likely beyond repair.

+13. One World Economy, Many States. The world capitalist system is characterized by a single world economy and yet a multiplicity of nation states. A global pandemic pits those nation states against each other in the struggle for scarce medical supplies. The unequal anarchy of nation states compliments and reinforces the unequal anarchy of the capitalist marketplace.

+14. Offshored Medical Production. and Western capital has shifted much of its pharmaceutical production to China, making the West dangerously dependent on its great Eastern rival (or “frenemy”) for drugs needed to fight COVID 19, including perhaps a vaccine (if one is possible).

+15. Thought and Information Control. The analysis presented in this essay (rooted in common historical sense and knowledge) is largely banished from so called mainstream media, very much like serious consideration of the crimes of the American Empire.

+16. Mass Social Consumption. economy. economy. Because of American capitalism’s heavy dependence on mass social consumption for the realization of cover samsung s6 edge plus gatto surplus value (for profits), some capitalists who are invested in social consumption (that includes the pathological real estate baron Donald Trump) are pressuring the nation’s governors and mayors for a recklessly precipitate “re opening of America” a sending back of millions of Americans to unsafe workplaces, shopping centers, theaters, restaurants and the like.

+ 17. Divide and Rule, Multiple Oppressions. Capitalism, the rule of the bourgeois possessing classes over the rest of humanity, depends on racial and ethnic (and other non class) division within the working class majority to stave off popular rebellion and revolution. Those who are multiply oppressed by “intersectional” racial, ethnic, sexual, national, religious, and other non class oppression structures as well as by foundational class hierarchy are particularly vulnerable to economic misery and illnesses. Pandemics and joblessness concentrate with special intensity and harshness among multiply oppressed cover samsung j3 fiorentina and super exploited people as in the United States’ Black ghettoes, its disproportionately Black and Latino jails and prisons, and its allMexican and Central American migrant detention camps.

+ 18. Core and Periphery. plus Western Europe and the honorarily white nation of Japan) and a vast majority of relatively BAD BUNNY 2 custodia cover iPhone8 impoverished “semi peripheral” and “periphery” states. Capitalism’s economic, ecological and epidemiological crises cover samsung s8 frasi are typically suffered with greatest pain and intensity in the vast nonwhite periphery (formerly known as the Third World,) where giant mega cites contain vast shantytown slums that are breeding grounds for pandemics. Vast concentrations of people desperately seeking to escape ecological and related economic and political misery and violence in their peripheral homelands are detained in wretched core state migrant detention camps that also breed disease. Iraq, Serbia, Iran, Venezuela, and Yemen for devastating attacks and sanctions that increase their vulnerability to pandemics. (The United States and its client state Saudi Arabia have in recent years spread famines and brought the 19th Century disease of cholera back to cover samsung yateley life in Yemen with bombs, drones, missiles, and artillery just one especially horrific example). Before it has run its full course, we should expect COVID 19 and the cover samsung s3 neo cibo global depression it is sparking to cause its greatest death and misery in “the developing world.”

+ 19. Guns Over Medicine and Healing: The For Profit Pentagon System. Given its exploitative and imperial nature and the unevenness of power between its constituent regions and states, capitalism long ago birthed a giant taxpayer financed military industrial complex, a giant state capitalist subsidy to high tech corporations. The corporate Pentagon System eats up more than half of all federal discretionary spending, sucking money and skills away from the alice in wonderland cover samsung meeting of human and social needs to the manufacture and maintenance of a giant warfare state.

+ 20. Co Morbidities. In multiple ways, capitalism produces a vast array of personal and public health problems heart disease, obesity, hyper tension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, overcrowding, hunger, malnutrition, poor sanitation, etc. that that function as “co morbidities” making millions super susceptible to infection and death via flus, pneumonia, and pandemics like COVID 19.

+ 21. Mass Incarceration. The more it shreds the social safety net provided by “the left [social and democratic] hand of the state” (Pierre Bourdieu), the more capital relies on the repressive, policeand mass incarcerationist “right hand of the state” to control its working and lower classes. prison guards also experience heightened exposure).

+ 22. Mass Trumpian Stupidity. Capitalism is driven to turn much if not most of its populace into clueless, obedient, and one dimensional cover samsung j1 2016 con brillantini workers and consumers devoid of elementary social, historical and natural intelligence. It relentlessly assaults and undermines critical thinking and serious public education, generating mass ignorance and stupidity in ways that turn millions of people into anti science dotards. With a large section of the corporate managed electorate rendered intellectually feckless, incapable (often proudly) of grasping basic material and social processes like The Greenhouse Effect and pandemic contagion, it is hard to sustain a real public health policy and to stem fantastic ideas like the notions (advanced by no less of a moron than the current President of the United States) that global warming and COVID 19 as “Chinese hoaxes” or that one can cure COVID 19 by injecting disinfectant or taking an unproven drug.

+ 23. Capitalist Inequality Puts Anti Science Fascist Lunatics in Power. The savage economic inequalities that are written into the inner logic of capitalism put a pandemic spreading anti science lunatic, the demented fascistic oligarch named Donald Trump, cover samsung s3 rossa atop the world’s most powerful nation. Stark economic inequality creates conditions richly conducive to fascist demagoguery. It is a fantasy to think that liberal democratic norms can flourish under such conditions” (p. 185, emphasis added).

The political culture of pseudo democratic duplicity and disingenuousness generated by modern capitalist inequality and plutocracy creates space for fascist style politicians who “appear to be sincere” and “signal authenticity” by “standing for division and conflict without apology…

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