Camille Cathey said the school is so small they

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wholesale nba jerseys from china There, they met other Farmington families facing similar difficulties. The Catheys passed out brochures for the Hope Children’s Fund to these families.”They do some amazing things to help out with children,” Camille Cathey said of the fund.The mother said she feels fortunate because Glenn’s case of spina bifida is mild, and he will someday walk.For now, Glenn attends physical therapy twice a week and occupational therapy once a month.When the family learned Glenn would not be “normal,” Camille Cathey said they were initially shocked.”Once you get used to it, it’s no big deal,” she said.The San Juan Medical Foundation and various parent teacher organizations organized Saturday’s walk.Carrie Olson, the Parent Teacher Organization president for McKinley Elementary School, also works at the San Juan Medical Foundation. She said a lot of the parents in the PTO wanted to help the cause, and she thought it was a good chance to teach children about giving back.”It’s children helping children,” Olson explained.The foundation sent information about the walk to schools in the area, including the school associated with Desert Heights Community Church, where Camille Cathey works as the children’s program director.Camille Cathey said the school is so small they decided to get the entire church involved. wholesale nba jerseys from china

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