And public health officials may have to work with

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Such comfort might be hard won. Laura Maxwell is eager to find an entertainment option that would let her take her children, ages 11 and 13, out of the house safely. Maxwell, who lives in San Luis Obispo, would happily return to the Sunset Drive In, but the prospect of restroom queues is bothersome..

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cheap nfl jerseys And that means not just testing and identifying people who are infected, along with their contacts, but rethinking how self isolation fits into broader policy decisions. The massive quarantine of these past few months was unprecedented, but more limited isolation, on a case by case or family by family basis, may become the norm for at least a while. And public health officials may have to work with local community leaders to accommodate more formal, structured ways to self isolate in order to effectively balance the public good of such measures with the rights and dignity of individuals. cheap nfl jerseys

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