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Market Massively Melts Up

I only 55% invested up 2% on my positions just 1% overall coque iphone 5c whisky for the session. It nothing and not a big deal. The Dow is higher by 350, Nasdaq nearly 200. The biggest winners can bw found in the coque iphone 5 glamour Chinese Burritos with massive explosions in LFC, BABA, BIDU and many others. I look coque iphone 6 . at GSX, with 70% of its coque iphone 6 imprimer shares sold short, and just gawk in awe of the coque iphone 5s italie spectacle.

We all suspect coque iphone 5c poilu the market, at some coque iphone 5s qui recharge point, is going to head lower. Holding and buying here is equal to daring the stock Gods to fuck rad coque iphone 6 with you. coque iphone 6 plus kenzo It has been a very profitable trade.

Speaking coque iphone 5s moon eyes of trades, you will no longer be able to trade TVIX, UGAZ or any of the Velocity Shares. Credit Suisse nuked them. I can blame them. Why even bother letting retail plebs gains access to market destroying products Many of coque iphone 5c m&m’s rose these ETNs and ETFs should be suspended. Also, people with accounts less than $250k should be coque iphone 5 henna RESTRICTED from selling short. And, people with less than $100k should be BANNED from coque iphone 5s nike marseille trading altogether. To gain access to capital markets, you should have to prove your net worth and a certain level of personal success. Out with these Robinhoodded traders, playing options from the discomfort of their housing tenements.

You cannot and will not ruin an otherwise splendid market with your rancid ideas and backward thinking!

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