99) If there such a thing as a Travel 101 class

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This one owner example, for sale at Hemmings with 44,865 miles on the odometer, has the wood trimmed steering wheel, power steering and brakes (in 1965 they were drums, so woefully inadequate), four on the floor with cueball shifter, and the 360 horsepower 389 V8 with the Tri Power triple carburetor setup. It’s beautiful, right down to the Cragars. A GTO’s high book is potentially $66,000 today, but back then its starting MSRP was $2,860, a few hundred more when optioned out.

His optimism has been challenged by some on his own public health team, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who frequently warned that it was too early to tell the drug’s effectiveness without further study. Research in Europe and China that showed positive signs for COVID 19 patients did not include control groups, with Fauci asserting that there was merely “anecdotal evidence” hydroxychloroquine made any positive impact..

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Trekker (Vudu; episodes $1.99) If there such a thing as a Travel 101 class, it this educational series that dates from 1994. In each episode, the magnetic hosts offer an overview of an area from remote villages to major metro areas and then veer off the beaten path and meet the locals. In one episode, a host could be sampling Cornish pasties in the United Kingdom, while in another, they drinking yak milk tea with a Kyrgyz tribe along the Silk Road in China.

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Customers are the recipients of plenty of entertainment, too. Sink your teeth into the fried artichokes, about as close to Rome as some of us are likely to get this season and more joyful with a dab of sunny aioli. A white rivulet of burrata oozes from the house made agnolotti, draped for the moment in ramp butter.

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